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Spring thunder


   By Zhang Ge

  Did you hear the first thunder of 2017?

  On the afternoon of February 21, Wuhan experienced heavy rainfall which was followed by thunder and lightning. It was the first thunderstorm of the year, and it came a little earlier than previous years.

  Experts say that according to folk customs,spring started on February 3 this year, so the first thunder of the year was a spring thunder, which has an auspicious meaning for Chinese people. A spring thunder suggests a fresh start for everything.

  However, temperatures have dropped drastically. Locals jokingly said that it has changed back from spring to winter in just one day.

  As a matter of fact, cold waves are not commonly seen in February, whereas the last time it happened in Wuhan was 38 years ago.

  The good news is that starting from Friday, it will become warm again. Locals will be able to enjoy spring sunshine this upcoming weekend.